CEedback -

the Voice of the Customer

Business Intelligence System for Customer Feedback Tracking, Analysis and Action

More than

processed feedbacks

Your Customers opinion
has direct impact on

your turnover
your business success
your reputation
acquiring additional customers
your customers decision related to their next purchase

Trusted by businesses to measure and improve customer feedback

CEedback - immediate feedback that makes you take action!

Can your customers give feedback during the service and administration?

Service providers usually collect post service customer feedback (paper based, telephone or electronic customer surveys), where the answers are based on the customers’ memory and faded feelings.

CEedback helps to finally hear the voice of the customer AT THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, before they decide on returning to our branch, or deciding on the use of the services offered.

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CEedback -
the effective tactical tool

The CEedback system is an effective tactical tool that can take rapid development action based on continuous customer feedback. The results collected by CEedback provide a strong basis for better planning and targeting of standard customer satisfaction and qualitative research, better planning of development and training programs, and more targeted and effective interventions.

CEedback allows you to get instant information
on the following

CEedback allows you to get instant information
on the following

Strenght of the customer relations
Business environment
Quality of service
Customer's intension
Satisfaction with the product
Market research

Powering Customer Feedback in all industries

Who uses CEedback?

  • Automotive Sector
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Retail
  • Banks & Financial Sector
  • Transportation
  • Airport
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Education & Academics
  • Wellness, fitness
  • Customer Service offices

CEedback is a trusted Survey tool for the leading brands

Uniquely flexible system

CEedback's most important toolbox

Short and focused customer survey
Contactless solution
Touch screen solution
3-5 important, freely defined questions
Tendency to recommend - Net Promoter Score
Free text box for suggestions, complaints
Text box for contact details
Questions that may change from time to time
Complete within 15-30 seconds, without any inconvenience

CEedback helps you quickly improve your customer experience

Immediate response to feedback
Real time feedback analysis
Unlimited user access
Multilingual surveys
Alert function


When the customer provides a negative answer, the manager receives an automatic text message or email. The customer can be contacted, personally, on site, or later by telephone or email.

The alert function can be configured by question and by the answers provided.

Advanced Survey & Feedback Reporting Tool

Results by employees/locations/regions etc. Results by employees/locations/regions etc.
Results by the hours of the day
Results by the days of the week
Trend analysis
Database download
Results by questions and KPIs

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